The Board of Accountancy is the state agency responsible for licensing and regulating certified public accountants and certified public accounting firms.  The Board is funded solely through fees charged to obtain and renew a license to practice public accounting and to sit for the CPA exam.
The Board office is located at 332 West Broadway Suite 310, Louisville KY  40202. Our phone number is (502) 595-3037 and our fax number is (502) 595-4500.  You can also reach us at our email address cpa@ky.gov.

2017 Online Renewals for Odd Numbered Licenses 

To renew your individual license click on the following link 2017 Online License Renewal

Odd numbered licenses may renew online until September 1, 2017 with a $100 penalty. If the license was not renewed by August 1, 2017,  the licensee is prohibited from practicing public accounting or using the CPA title until the license is renewed.

lf you have not renewed online by September 1, 2017, you must follow the reinstatement requirements. Click on Reinstatement Requirements for additional information and to obtain an application.  If you have any questions please contact the Board.


Online License Verification

2017 Newsletter
To obtain a copy of the Board's most recent newsletter click on the following link KSBOA E-Newsletter June 2017 

CPE News 

Continuing Professional Education ("CPE") hours must be completed in the two calendar years prior to the year during which a license is to be renewed. The two calendar years are referred to as the "reporting period". For those renewing their CPA license in 2017 this means all CPE hours must be completed beginning January 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2016. 
Any CPA who fails to complete the CPE by the December 31 deadline will not be eligible to renew his or her license. Instead the CPA will be required to use the reinstatement process.
Click on Reinstatement Requirements for additional information and to obtain an application.  If you have any questions please contact the Board.

CPA Exam News 

A revised CPA exam went into effect on April 1, 2017. Those candidates who are not familiar with the revisions should visit the following websites: https://www.nasba.org/exams/cpaexam/ and http://www.aicpa.org/BECOMEACPA/CPAEXAM/Pages/CPAExam.aspx.

Due to the increase in the time length for the BEC and FAR sections on the exam (from 3 to 4 hours each) the costs for these two sections have increased. This increase became effective January 1, 2017. All payment coupons issued on and after January 1, 2017, and payments received by NASBA on and after January 1, 2017, will include this increase.
To obtain the exam fees click on the following link EXAM FEES for 2017.pdf 
To reprint your payment coupon or NTS, click on the following link new online service for CPA candidates

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Statutes & Regulations

  • KRS 325 - Kentucky Revised Statutes
  • KAR 201 - Administrative Regulations

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