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About the Board

Our Mission Statement

The Kentucky State Board of Accountancy is a state agency responsible for protecting the public by licensing and regulating Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and CPA firms in Kentucky.  It administers Kentucky Revised Statute Chapter 325 and the Kentucky Administrative Regulations stemming from this law.  The Board consists of seven members appointed by the Governor. Six of the members are CPAs. One is the public member.

Directions to Board Office 

The Board office is located on the third floor of the Heyburn Building at 4th and Broadway in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, directly across the street from the Brown Hotel.

Board Meeting Calendar 

The Kentucky State Board of Accountancy meets monthly.  Meeting dates are subject to change.  Click here to view the 2020 Calendar


Richard C. Carroll 
Executive Director 
Custodian of Board records 
Holly LeMaster
CPA Exam Coordinator
Website Design/Development
Fiscal Officer 
Maintains Candidates Files
Susan Tomes
Firm Registrations/Changes
Maintains Licensee Files
Peer Review           

Board Members 

The Board is comprised of seven members appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms.  Six members are Certified Public Accountants and one is a Citizen Member.  The current members and their term expiration dates are:
Ted J. Funk, CPA - 6/30/2020                             
A. Frank Harris, CPA - 6/30/2020                      
Mimi Kelly, CPA - 6/30/2021
Diane Medley, CPA -  6/30/2022                      
Bob Patterson, CPA - 6/30/2021
Elizabeth Payne, CPA - 6/30/2022
Toni Carver Smith, Citizen Member - 6/30/2020