The following pages will provide information for both prospective and current candidates wishing to take the Uniform CPA Examination.

CPA Exam Requirements

Candidates for the Uniform CPA Examination can find information relative to sitting for the exam by reviewing the CPA Exam Requirements.

  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited University
  • 27 hours in Accounting
  • 12 hours in Business

CPA Exam Application Process

  • Fill out the Application for the Uniform CPA Examination
    • Select at least one section to sit for
    • Make sure to get the 2nd page notarized
  • Send in the application with a check and college transcripts
  • It takes at least 2 weeks to process an application
  • Once it is processed you will receive a letter from the Ky State Board of Accountancy with your KY ID number
  • You will also receive an email from NASBA to create an account with them
  • This will direct you to pay your payment coupon for NASBA fees
  • Once you have paid your payment coupon, you will receive your NTS through email

Free Access to AICPA Professional Literature

As an aid to candidates taking the Uniform CPA Examination, the AICPA provides free access to professional literature. Exam candidates may take advantage of this free service by clicking on the link above.

Applications and Instructions

Download applications and instructions for the Uniform CPA Examination.

CPA Exam Test Tips

CPA Exam Tips for candidates taking the Uniform CPA Examination provided by the AICPA.


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